Kemp USA Two-In-One CPR Pocket Mask with Soft Pouch

Kemp USA Two-In-One CPR Pocket Mask with Soft Pouch



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The Kemp USA Two-In-One CPR Pocket Mask Combo includes both an adult and child CPR mask, ensuring the first responder will be prepared in all situations. Our Two-In-One CPR Pocket Mask comes in a soft, nylon pouch.


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The Kemp USA Two-In-One CPR Pocket Mask comes complete with one adult CPR mask with O2 inlet, one infant CPR mask (without O2 inlet), one-way valve, one pair of gloves and alcohol prep pads. The adult mask also comes with an adjustable head strap to ensure it remains secured to the victim's face during CPR. The infant mask ensures a proper seal is maintained on small faces, which can be difficult with an adult mask. Both masks prevent mouth-to-mouth contact, while the re-inflated contoured soft vinyl cuff shapes easily to the victim’s face. The soft nylon pouch has a convent belt loop and clip while also taking up less space than our hard plastic case.

Mandated by many state agencies, the two-in-one CRP pocket mask is a must have for lifeguards and first responders.

  • Adult and infant CRP masks in one convenient case
  • Comes in soft nylon pouch with belt loop and clip
  • Adult CRP masks includes O2 inlet (infant mask does not include O2 inlet)
  • Adult mask includes adjustable head strap
  • Transparent vinyl to monitor victim
  • One-way valve included
  • Includes one pair of gloves
  • Includes alcohol prep pads
  • Dimensions: 6" x 4.5" x 1.75"
  • Weight: .25 lbs

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