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OMNA Marine Tourniquet

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The OMNA Marine Tourniquet is the first and only marine tourniquet desighed for in-water application and marine enviroment durability. OMNA tourniquets are the only tourniquets made to 100% marine specification and designed specifically for marine environments. Providing unparalleled versatility, comfort, and ruggedness in compact, wearable configurations for water sports and marine professions. 

OMNA tourniquets are the only tourniquets made to 100% marine specification, and designed specifically for marine environments. Proprietary marine materials offer the greatest resistance to saltwater, UV rays, and other aquatic factors that deteriorate other tourniquets. Furthermore, military and other surf life saving tests have shown that when it comes to tourniquet use in the water the older style windlass bars that you twist are impossible to apply in the water, hence why OMNA uses a ratcheting system. Water sports and Marine Professions present a unique challenge for first aid; what works on land doesn’t necessarily work in the water, but now OMNA first aid solutions keep you prepared even in the water.

  • Rugged, Lightweight, & Compact
  • 100% Marine-Grade
  • 3 Internal Fail-Safes
  • Bite-Strap to Aid 1-Handed Applications
  • Non-Slip Hydrophobic Webbing
  • Instructions For Use (IFU) on Exterior
  • Place to Record TQ Application Time
  • Powder Coated ALL Stainless Steel Ratchet
  • Ratchet Max Load 550 lbs (250 Kgs)
  • Designed for Repetitive Saltwater Exposure & Training Use
  • Lenght: 19" stored (38" Extended)
  • Width: 2" - 2.5"

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