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KN-95 Disposable Mask, Pack of 25

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KN95 25
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KN-95 disposable respirator masks filter ≥95% of airborne particles, such as bioaerosols (viruses).

  • Manufactured with high-efficiency filter materials
  • Pack of 25 masks

*Sales on all masks are final and not eligible for return or exchange.

Please note: KN95 masks are NOT NIOSH approved N95 masks. The CDC has recently stated that KN95 masks may be suitable alternative when Niosh N95 masks are not available.


Warnings and Precautions:

  • Poor facial fit will provide inadequate protection.
  • Avoid touching the inside of the mask at all times.
  • After putting the mask on, check the wearing tightness to ensure that the mask is worn in the correct position.
  • Wash your hands before each wear and every time you remove the mask. Always wear a mask when exposed to a polluted environment.
  • When you feel the breathing resistance increases significantly, or when the mask is broken, replace the mask.
  • This mask is not washable. Washing will damage the filter material structure, cause penetration, and damage the adsorption force of the electrostatic filter material.
  • Optimal recommended use time is 4 hours.


  • Masks should be stored in a clean environment to prevent damage, dust, direct sunlight, high temperature, and harmful chemical pollution.
  • Must be properly stored away from contaminated areas.
  • Protect from mechanical compression, humidity, high temperature, sunlight, and corrosive chemicals.
  • It is recommended that the product be stored at a temperature of 28.4° F (-2° C) to 86° F (+30 ° C) and a relative humidity of 80% or less.

*Sales on all masks are final and not eligible for return or exchange.

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