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Medical Supply Pack - D

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The Kemp USA Medical Supply Pack D is a XXX piece kit that is designed to fit in the Kemp USA Professional Trauma Bag series (standard, premium or fluid-resistant). It includes essential medical supplies and equipment for emergency situations.

Shown with Kemp USA Premium Professional Trauma Bag (sold separately).

These Medical Supply Packs are designed to fit in Kemp USA EMS Bags, but can also be purchased as completely separate supply packs. They include essential medical supplies and equipment for emergency situations. Supply packs vary in contents, and each supply pack has a recommended EMS Bag.

Kemp USA Medical Supply Pack C is shown with the Kemp USA Professional Trauma Bag (sold separately).

It is designed to fit in the below bags:
Kemp USA Professional Trauma Bag
Kemp USA Premium Professional Trauma Bag
Kemp USA Fluid-Resistant Professional Trauma Bag


Description Qty
Alcohol Prep Pads 10
Ammonia Inhalants 5
Bandages, Stretch Gauze Roll 2" 3
Bandages, Stretch Gauze Roll 3" 3
Bandage, 3" Self-Adherent 1
Bandage, Elastic 2" x 5 yd  2
Bandage, Elastic 6" x 5 yd 1
Bandage, Fluff Roll 1
Bandages, Sheer Plastic Adhesive 1" x 3" 100
Bandages, Triangular 1
Burn Sheets 60" x 90"  1
Burn Spray, Water-Jel® 1
BZK Towelettes 12
Combine Pad/Abdominal Pad 5" x 7" 2
Combine Pad/Abdominal pad 8" x 10" 2
CPR Mask 1
Eye Pad, Oval 2
Eye Wash 1oz 1
Finger Splint 1
First Aid Book 1
First Aid Spray, Water-Jel® 1
Forceps, Kelly Staight 1
Gauze Dressing, Petroleum 2
Gauze Pads 3" x 3" 12 ply 15
Gauze Pads 4" x 4" 12 ply 15
Gloves, Nitrile (pair) 3
Glucose Gel 2
Ice Packs Cold 2
Life Saver Hammer 1
Mylar Blanket 1
Oral Airways 6pk 1
Penlight w/Pupil Gauge 1
Providone Iodine Prep Pad 10
QuikClot® 1
Safety Pins 2
Scissors, Lister Bandage 7 1/2" 1
Shears Utility Black Handle 1
Sphygmomanometer/Blood Pressure Cuff 1
Splint Roll 36" 1
Sterile Water for Irrigation 500ml 1
Stethoscope 1
Sting Bite Pads 10
Tape, Cloth Surgical 1" x 10 yds 1
Tape, Cloth Surgical 2" x 10 yds 1
Tape, Waterproof Adhesive 1" x 5 yds 1
Tongue Depressor, Sterile 5
Tourniquet 1
Trauma Dressing 1
Triple Antibiotic Ointment 0.9g 10
Tweezers, Blunt Tip 4"  1
Xero Burn Gel 3.5g packets 2


MPN: 10-160-D

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