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Marsars Water Rescue Bag

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The Marsars Water Rescue Bag comes with 600 feet of 1/4" floating line and is ideal for use in almost any open or swift water rescue conditions.


Our Ocean Rescue Bag's construction consist of plastic coated mesh sides with "Rescue" markings and vinyl bottom. This versatile bag may be held upright by a single carry handle or on it's side by adjustable neck/shoulder carry strap. Container's mouth is controlled with cinch cord and cord lock. Line stored within is colored for bright contrast and ultra violet light protection. The 600' length hollow braid rope is constructed with a 1200 lb. functional limit strength when new. A number of safety features have been added. First, in emergencies, a simply buckle release disconnects the rope's terminal end from bag's bottom. Next, we've installed a buoyant float to prevent rescue end from sinking. Last and most important, the rescue swimmers harness, connected to the stainless steel snap hook, is filled with buoyant foam for comfort, buoyancy and safety.


  • Rope Length: 600'
  • Rope Diameter: 1/4"
  • Height: 18"
  • Weight: 8 lb.
  • Strength: 1200 lb. (new)
  • Bag Diameter: 10"

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