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Free Standing Steel Base with Wheels

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Free standing base

  • Steel Plate with Wheels
  • Weight: 75 lbs (34kg)
  • Dimensions: Width; 24”/61cm  Stem Height; 16.5”/42cm
  • Accommodates Mast: 1 ½” 
  • Colors: Black, White, Bronze, Silver Mist


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Remember, your shade is only as good as its foundation

Properly securing your umbrella is crutial to ensuring years of sun protecton and longevity. Frankford Umbrellas are all thoroughly tested and built to ensure durability and longevity; however, we do not recommend the use of any non-permanent umbrella is unsafe wind conditions. The size and instalation location of your umbrella play a significant role when selecting the base/anchoring method required for safe operation. Please consult an authorized Frankford Dealer or factory represenative directly for recommendations.

Umbrellas must be secured in a base equal to or greater than the options recommended, and must be secured properly using the thumb screws or other hardware supplied with each base. Failure to properly secure umbrellas with the base options recommended, and with the supplied hardware will void the Frankford Umbrellas Warranty. Furthermore, all umbrellas should always be closed and secured when not in use and taken down when winds reach unsafe conditions. 

Bases have a +/- 10 lbs (4.5 kg.) tolerance based on a variety of variables. Dimensions +/- 1-2 inches

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