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Female Skier Action Bobble

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Our high quality, hand crafted female Skier Action Bobble Figure follows the fresh power wherever it take her.


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Unlike traditional bobble head dolls, Marine Rescue Products’ Skier Action Bobbles are lifelike figures that move just above the waist, allowing the entire upper body to move in a bobble motion. Standing approximately 7” tall, the hand painted Skier Action Bobbles are hand crafted and high quality. Our female skiers even have a helmet cam! Included is a double-sided adhesive foam pad so you can attach your Action Bobble to a car dashboard or any other surface.


Each Action Bobble comes in its very own display box. 

  • Lifelike Action Bobble figure stands approximately 7” tall
  • Double-sided adhesive foam pad allows you to attach your Action Bobble to many surfaces
  • Each Action Bobble is hand painted and comes in a unique display box
  • Manufactured with durable Polyester Resin
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