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9' Bennett Racing Technology (BRT) Softpro Jr. Guard Paddleboard

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State of the art closed cell foam. Won't absorb water.
Deck skin extremely durable material with water beading skin.
DuPont Surlyn slick bottom is the world leader for strength, speed and durability. Yet flexible and resistant against sharp objects.
9MM marine ply recessed stringers for added core strength.
Long - 9'
Wide - 19"
Thick - 5 ½"
Weighs-14 lbs
USLA "B" & "C" Jr. Guard Programs approved


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Beaded polypropylene cores state of the art, closed cell foam with incredible durability and also possessing excellent memory against impacts. The closed cell foam based construction will not absorb water unlike the stone age E.P.S. (Polystyrene or Coolite foam) cores offered by everybody else throughout the world, except Bennett Surfboards. These EPS cores are always open cell and will obviously welcome any water, soak it up, put on weight and also create de-lamination problems. Deck skin material is extremely durable material with overlaid W.B.S. (water bearing skin) for even greater added life. It has a fine texture to it, not abrasive to the skin yet requiring very little waxing.

Superior quality DuPont ‘Surlyn' slick bottom material is the world leader for strength, speed and durability. This aside, the product is surprisingly flexible and extremely resistant to sharp objects.

9MM marine ply recessed stringer set 10mm under the deck and bottom skins (for safety purposes) extending for about the central 90% of the board's length.

Comfortable, modular type safety strapping on all rescue boards, objective being an individual strap can be independently replaced should it wear through extended time spent in UV/ saltwater environment. Life of straps will be extended with regular fresh water rinsing.

Thermal heat testing- all boards are put through lengthy torturous heat testing for 4 hour duration at temps of 60 degrees Celsius to offer superior quality control prior to the board actually leaving the manufacturer's premises.

Thickness:5 1/2"
USLA "B" & "C" Junior Lifeguards
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